Nickel Alloy Wire mesh

Type: Nichrome Wire Mesh

Monel Wire Mesh

Hastelloy Wire Mesh

Inconel Wire Mesh



Nichrome Wire Mesh

Material: Nichrome wire Cr20Ni80,Cr15Ni60,Cr20Ni35,Cr20Ni30

Mesh counts: 2-100 mesh

Features: Superior elongation, compressive strength, surface finish, oxidation resistance ,sulfur resistance, permeability resistance and other functions.

Applications: Widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, war industry, chemical machinery, electric power, desalination, medical apparatus and instruments etc.


-Monel Wire Mesh

Material: Monel400,Monel k-500,Monel401,Monel404,Monel R405

Mesh counts: 2-400 mesh

Features: Monel wire mesh has the following features: Superior corrosion resistant, acid-alkali resistant. High tensile strength; Excellent hardness.

Applications: Monel wire mesh can be widely used in chemical and petrochemical industry and marine development etc. Monel wire mesh also can be used to manufacture all kinds of heat exchange equipment, pressure vessel, boiler feed water heater equipment, oil and chemical pipelines, containers, towers, tank, valves etc.



-Inconel Wire Mesh

Material: Inconel600(N06600), Inconel601(N06601), Inconel625(N06625), Inconel718(N07718), InconelX-750(N07750)
Mesh counts:2-200 mesh

Features: Inconel wire mesh features non-magnetic; good oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance; good resistance to corrosion and cracking under normal or high temperature conditions; good mechanical properties.

Applications: Inconel wire mesh can be used in petrochemical, aerospace industry, hydropower, nuclear power, oil refining and shipbuilding, chemical, machinery manufacturing industries.



-Hastelloy Wire Mesh

Material: Hastelloy wire B-2, B-3, C-22, C-276

Mesh counts: 2-200 mesh

Features: Hastelloy wire mesh features corrosion resistance; acid and alkali resistance; high temperature resistance; chemical stability; outstanding filtering performance

Application: Hastelloy wire mesh is a nickel-based alloy wire mesh. It is the alloy of nickel,molybdenum and chromium. It widely used in Chemical industry; Petrochemical industry; Flue gas desulfurization; Pulp and paper; Environment protection industry and so on.