Pure Silver Wire Mesh

Purity: 99.99%,99.95%,99.90%

Mesh counts: 0.2-200 mesh

Wire diameter: 0.08-2.0mm

Roll width: 0.01-2m

Weaving type: Plain weave or twill weave
Minimum Order Quantity: Stocked items,10cm*10cm,

Customized items,1 square meter

Packaging Details: inside the roll with paper tube to reduce the pressure while loading; then wrapped with plastic film as well as woven bag on the finished roll, final loaded in the strong wooden case

Delivery Time: Stocked items,within 3 days, Customized items,usually within 15-20 days


Silver woven wire mesh is also called silver mesh, silver wire mesh, pure silver mesh, pure silver woven wire mesh. It is with good electric conductivity, thermal conductivity and ductility.



Silver woven wire mesh can be used as battery collector mesh, electrodes and battery skeleton mesh, also as filtration material in the high precision filtration equipment.